Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Where the blankets are going

I found the post with the name of the hospital, and also a picture from the first delivery. They go to Childrens Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri.

Here is the blog for the baby blankets:

Here is snippet from the post about the first delivery:

"Long story short, sorry it's been a few days, but here is what happened.

I cried, even before I got here, lol. They are so appreciative of everything and anything. They welcomed them and look forward to any and all we send. I couldn't get a pic of a child w/ blanket due to lots of rules & regs, & privacy which I know we all respect.

The hospital was so gracious, and thankful -- I cried like a baby.

The fact that some of the children come in with nothing from car wrecks, broken homes, abuse, etc shook me to the core. These blankets will give love and comfort to those that needed them most. The hospital is so totally devoted to these kids, and they truly care about the kids. They are so overwhelmed with kids needing help whose parents can't afford due to the economy. It broke my heart to hear some of the stories. I can't believe the impact something as simple as a blanket will make to some of these kids.

It just made me more determined to knit faster for these kids. They send the blankets on helicopters, surgery, everywere. The kids can become attached and keep them with them. Thanks to all who have & is participating in this wonderful cause.

Big bear Hugs to all "

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