Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Booga Bag

I FINALLY made a Booga Bag!!! I have been wanting to make it for SO long but I wouldn't start it until I finished a few other ongoing projects. I picked out a bunch of different colors of yarn and just made different sized stripes. I finished it a few weeks ago, and then needed to make SIX FEET of I-Cord, which took awhile. I FINALLY finished that last night. Here is a picture of the 'finished' product, before felting.

Tonight I felted everything. I put both the bag and the icord in a zippered pillow case, thew it in with some jeans and towels and washed it twice on hot / cold.
Here it is after the second load. I have it hanging upside down on only one of the boxes. The picture above (before felting) shows it over two boxes.

I'm pretty excited! After it dries and I add the handle, I will post the final picture. YAY!

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