Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Neon Rainbow and Summer Olympics

I also worked on Neon Rainbow. I did the yellow section, since I had the yarn from Neon Fun.

Here are a few pictures:

And finally, most recently - is Summer Olympics. We had a few patriotic blankets that had been done and all were beautiful. We started another one to do in Red White and Blue in honor of the Olympics and it's called 'Go USA'. I thought, why don't we do one in the colors of the rings in the Olympics symbol, and call it Summer Olympics. They liked the idea and asked me to start it. I found the perfect blue when Sandy, Larissa and Michelle met for our NC get together in August. (We raided AC Moore!)

I just finished it tonight and will mail it to the next knitter, who will do yellow, tomorrow.

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MamaDawn said...

I'm so glad you thought of doing the rings blanket... it's going to be awesome!

I'm tagging you cuz Holly tagged me....