Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Catching up on Charity knitting pictures!

I am FINALLY making the time to update this with some pictures. I've worked on a few blankets since I posted last.

I was asked to pinch hit on a Preemie blanket. My first Preemie. I was sent the yarn and needles so that I could cast on and get 'Lavendars Blue' started:

(This picture is after the second knitter - I did the light purple.)

And here is Lavendars Blue completed.
Since that yarn was given to me, I thought it completely appropriate to use on another blanket. This time it was used on Rainbow Sherbet.

Here it is with my section added:

Here it is completed:

I LOVE the frilly crochet borders. I wish I had that talent. Perhaps someday I will learn to crochet.

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